Ferdinand Fox’s Kidsbook App

Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep – interactive rhyming story app
Download Ferdinand Fox's interactive book app from the app storeA fun, educational app to share with ages 3-5+

Ferdinand Fox's Big Sleep interactive iPad app

Key features:

  • Take your own photo for the ‘This Book Belongs To’ slot – change as often as you like.
  • ‘Read alone’ and ‘Read to me’ options – children love the rhyming text!
  • Author narrates for ‘Read to me’.
  • Sound effects woven into the story – sheep baa-ing, church clock chiming, birds singing.
  • Animations and sound effects activated on touch.
  • Simple word and object recognition using ‘word bubbles’ with matching voiceover.
  • Fun drag and drop word/picture matching game!
  • A personal message from the author at the end!
  • No in app purchases or ads!
  • No collection of personal data!

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More tasters!

Ferdinand Fox fast asleep as the church clock strikes three.

And hear the fox snore on touch!

Ferdinand dreaming about sheep

Touch and play!

Ferdinand Fox app matching game

Hear the words on touch. Drag and drop to match!

Ends with a simple matching game for early readers…

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