Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep reviews

* Five Stars*

“I bought this book as a present for my nephew who is 4. When it arrived my daughter and I were captivated by the lovely illustrations and delighted witht he story about Ferdinand. I hop there will be more books to follow. It’s a book for primary aged children but the beautiful pictures make it suitable for reading aloud to younger ages. I’ll be buying another copy for a new arrival soon.” 

Margaret K – Amazon.co.uk 1 April 2013

*Five Stars*

“This book has fast become my two daughters’ favourite bedtime read! Very well written and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a bedtime story. Both my daughters and I look forward to reading more adventures of Ferdinard”

Catherine Ann Hind 0n Amazon.com – January 2013

*Five Stars*

“What an adorable little children’s book! Wonderful rhyme with a great little story line, about Ferdinand a kindhearted fox and his adventures. The fox was so cute, the illustrations didn’t disappoint. Colorful, bold and eye catching, a perfect children’s book that is easy to follow. I loved the fox. I loved how the fox counted sheep in order to fall asleep, and I thought it was cute when it dreams of all the yummy food. It was an enjoyable read even for me as an adult and the children found it delightful. A story that can be read again and again.” 

Lily Pond, 21 December 2012

*Five Stars*

“What a cute story! The rhyming and the story line were wonderful. I love the illustrations. My 16 month old really enjoys this book, as she is big into rhyming sounds.”

Brooke Bumgarder on Goodreads – 11 January 2013

*Five Stars*

“Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is a cute book. I really enjoyed the story and the rhyming!”

‘Coupon’ on Goodreads – 16 December 2012

If you’ve enjoyed reading Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep yourself or to your children I’d love to hear what you have to say!  And I will reply!

And if you have the time to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads I would greatly appreciate it! You can only leave a review on Amazon.com at the moment – I’ll update this page when the book is out in the UK.

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14 December 2012

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